Kean Wong:
The Bangladesh government is going all out to convert the eating habits of their rice eating population through a potato awareness campaign. The government wants locals to embrace the potato, after a huge crop was harvested this season.

Bangladesh produced about 80 million tons of potatoes this year... up 40 percent from last.

The government is teaching people different ways to eat the humble potato to take advantage of the massive harvest as rice prices continue to soar.

They even held a three-day long festival recently to familiarize potatoes with people like housewife Ayesha Begum.

[Ayesha Begum, Housewife]:
"I am a housewife, we used to make a few potato dishes, such as potato chips at our homes. Here I see we can make such a variety of things and apply it at home when we cook potatoes."

The military-run Canteen Stores Department (CDS) received support from the agricultural ministry and the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization to run the campaign.

[Harunur Rashid, Managing Director, CDS]:
"Bangladesh people are already interested in potatoes, it's increasing every year--but with these three million tones, which is likely to rot very soon and the time is very short--so we are making this campaign to spread out to the whole country so we encourage people to immediately start consuming it."

One of the major attractions at the festival was the cooking competition.

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