From our new record 'We Set Out In The Naked Dawn'

Directed, cinematograhpy and edited by Daan Bunnik

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'The Devil Has No Home' by Wolf In Loveland
Produced by Shai Solan

Dean had both his hands tied up in business
So Johnny took control of the wheel
Barry in the back barking "we're finished"
Let's get out of town and blow the deal

His woman still at home pacing circles 'round the phone
Waiting for some good news, feeling bad

The evening sun was gold on the horizon
and maggie must've missed the detour sign
We ended up on the wrong side of the highway
and suddenly her smiling eyes met mine

Her boyfriend's drinking tea with his mother at the beach
wondering why he suddenly feels sad

I heard that someone died out on the highway
They're saying it was clearly Hit and Run
The car they drove was just reported stolen
One moment you're alive the next you're gone

I wonder how it'd be if it was not her but me
I get these crazy pictures in my head

It's all right, I'll just use a little imagination
And you'll be at my window tonight
Just give yourself a break and take me for a little vacation time
And you'll know just the way to make it right

The devil has no home, it is always on the road
there's bound to be a moment when you meet

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