I've been missing out on the waves the last week or so on Lake O. Freelance work and assuming there won't be any waves is to blame for that. Thankfully the winds have continued to blow, from the southwest, which meant there was some action at Sandbanks. My fiancé travelled to Ottawa to see family and I said that I could come to Picton and clean the house and make dinner for when she returns Saturday night. Little did she know I was planning on jumping in the lake to catch some waves.

I left Toronto around 11:45 and arrived in Picton around 2 PM. Dropped off my dog Juicebox and headed right to Richardson Beach. Voila. There were waves; 2-3 feet and a little bit mushy. Totally okay with that. I quickly donned by wetsuit seeing as the water and air temps were hovering around 17 degrees, which is a shame considering it's mid-August. Ran down to the beach and got in the water. Two other fellow local surfers were there as well, they were a bit more experience than I and paddled out to the where the waves were breaking nicely. They caught many long rides into shore.

I managed to snag a dozen decent rides, so I was happy. I somehow managed to get hit on top of my head by my board towards the end of the session, probably cause I was getting tired and just gave up on a wave. Ouch. Overall it was a fun day, and I shot some extra footage with my new Lumix GH4 after I had packed up. It also looks like there may be waves tomorrow at Sandbanks again which I am stoked about.


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