7 performers, 12 scenes and a moderator. By choosing different foodstuffs displayed in front of the stage audience combines the scenes about gluttony.

Audience chooses displayed foodstuffs in order to fuse the scenes.Each scene is a personal statement in which the performer reveals his gluttony or his fight against it. Jaka Lah crushes chips, ketchup and coca-cola into a disgusting gruel into which he then jerkily inserts his head, Grega Zorc narrates a bizarre story of two acquaintances that died suddenly, all the while stuffing beetroot into his pockets, enumerating its medicinal properties. Barbara Kukovec stuffs chocolates into her underwear after having closed her eyes with them in order to narrate a story about the powers of the delights of taste. Marko Mandic tapes cold meats to his face in order to appear skinned. Special guests of performances are professional moderators from popular TV and radio shows – they guide and direct the show through continual contact with audience.

“Highly moral, intelligent performance.” (DIE WELT HAMBURG, 10.5.04)

“Lucid madness with a point of view… This is madness with brains and with a point of view, permissive for various interpretations.” (DELO LJUBLJANA, 2.12.03)

“An interesting, internally rigorous but also very much fun project.” (DNEVNIK LJUBLJANA, 1.12.03)

Conceived and devised by the group
Performers: Daša Doberšek, Petra Govc, Barbara Kukovec, Jaka Lah, Boris Mihalj / Marko Mandić, Mateja Pucko, Grega Zorc
Koncept in režija: Bojan Jablanovec
Assistant: Nana Milčinski
Production manager: Špela Trošt
Production: Via Negativa, 2003
Co-production: Glej Theatre Ljubljana
Partner: POPOK/Posthogeschool Voor Podiumkunsten, Antwerp
Support: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana
Premiere: 23 November 2003, Glej Theatre Ljubljana

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