I arrived at Stonehenge with my girlfriend at 20:30 to see the prehistoric monument for the first time. As I approached in the car I saw Stonehenge in the distance but as I looked across the field I noticed it was surrounded by a fence. I then witnessed two security guards dragging a man across the field and as he resisted they punched and kicked him several times. We ran out of the car to find out what was going on and I started filming on my iphone. The following events inspired me to make this film about Stonehenge and the recent history of violence that surrounds the monument.
So just for people's information:
English Heritage is the guardian of over 400 sites and monuments, the most famous of which include Stonehenge.
It costs an adult £13.90 and a child £8.30, which allows you to go around the walkway around the stone circle, you are 'forbidden' to go near or touch the rocks.
The summer opening times are 9:00 - 20:00 and the last admission time is 2 hours before the advertised closing time. This does not allow people to witness either the rising or the setting of the Sun in its entirety (in case you're interested).
Personally I would argue that Stonehenge is World Heritage rather than English Heritage because it was built in a time before the division of Britain into countries we now know as England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland. It also attracts a million people per year from all over the world, so for the British government to forbid any religious, spiritual or meaningful experience with the monument is in my opinion fascistic and manipulative. Whilst the fences, prices and barriers are put in place on the false premise that they are guarding and protecting it, in reality it is the government alone which has violated the sites sanctity by altering the position of the stones and continuously blighting the surrounding area with Police brutality, especially during the both the Winter and Summer Solstice. Does anybody else feel that this is completely out of order? And why are they doing this?

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