Japanese indie piano rock band, YELLOW STUDS, to release 2 albums on 20th August 2014.

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CINEMA FESTIVALS in Europe with Yellow Studs’ movie are coming soon in 2014.
World debut movie trailer - vimeo.com/102465201

YELLOW STUDS is a Japanese, indie, piano, jazz, garage, blues, rock band based in Tokyo, performing at venues, various music festivals throughout the country. What makes this band even more unique is the vocalist Taichi Nomura’s rare, husky voice. They, who have already released 6 albums in Japan, all of whose oneman concerts in 2013 had sold out, are now finally on their way to make a huge impact in Europe and the whole world with their 2 albums, [shower] and [curtain] !!!

[shower] - vimeo.com/103157589
1. ロック / Rock
2. 言葉にならない / inarticulate vimeo.com/103236872
3. ヤモリ / Gecko
4. 竹とんぼ / Bamboo-copter
5. カナリヤ / Canary
6. 赤いレスポール / Red Les Paul
7. 馬鹿が悲しい顔をしている / A fool is looking sad
8. 8
9. D
10. 10分前 / 10min left
11. 言えよ / Say it
12. マスイ / Anesthesia
13. 何でもない唄 / A good-for-nothing song
14. ラブホテル / Love Hotel

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