The incident has been narrated from Vicky's Point of view about strange aura revolves around his new neighbor and his black garbage bag, that can only be seen by Vicky.

Making Experience:
My friend Mudassir and I've been hardcore movie geeks, we always wanted to make films and this was our start. I finished the script and asked few friends of ours to act for the short film. Although they weren't pro and they were first timers but they were very dedicated bunch, they really tried their best and worked hard.
The film was shot on Sony point and shoot hx100v camera. Audio was recorded on zoom H1. Since we couldn't afford light stands, we made custom PVC light stands. For lighting, we attached regular tube lights to our PVC stands and used empty cardboard shoe boxes with butter paper for the diffusion. With remaining PVC we made our shoulder camera rig.
Since we were doing another regular job on weekdays, we only had weekends to shoot the film, This film was shot in total 4 days.
I added Foley also composed the music and the credit track. We also used few ambient sounds from the website under the creative common license.
The movie is more targeted towards Japanese horror shorts or an indie genre.

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