My Chapter 3 entry to the Canon The Story Beyond the Still contest.

A mysterious stranger has given Edgar a key that will unlock the door to his destiny. As Edgar lives in perpetual denial of the key's purpose, someone new comes into his life who will change it all.

Writer: Jacob Snyder
Director: Jacob Snyder
Cinematographer: Jacob Snyder
Editor: Jacob Snyder
Costumes: Jacob & Rachel Snyder
Creative Consultant: Rachel Snyder
Encouragement during times of despair: Rachel Snyder

Puppeteers: Jacob & Rachel Snyder
Passers-by: Naomi Lehenbauer, Don Branson, Jacob Snyder
Voice of bearded man: Jacob Snyder
Voice of Edgarina: Rachel Snyder

Synchronization rights for Chopin's "Etude Tristesse Opus 10" from UniqueTracks (
Excerpts from Tchaikovsky's "Romeo & Juliet" & Stravinsky's "The Firebird" courtesy of
All other music & sound effects are from iMovie, GarageBand, and Jacob Snyder.


HD camera
Cardboard boxes
Household lamps
Lots of duct tape & scotch tape
Random stuff around the house


Final Cut Pro

A big special thanks to my wonderful little wife Rachel!

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