Simplicity. Elegance. Function. Great design doesn’t date.

The clean, simple sewing techniques used to create a TAMOU bag are inspired by a deep appreciation of craftsmanship, by trial and error, and most importantly, by relentless curiosity. This means taking away rather than adding. Achieving more with less. This is using local Montreal artisans to manufacture the bags, keeping the process personal and close to home.

There are many elements required to achieve true simplicity.

Elegance is good taste and we sew it into every stitch. Each of our bags expresses a beauty that's multifaceted and original. The raw edges give them a slight ruggedness that age gracefully. Strap dimensions are kept uniform to accentuate the practical nature of the pieces. As few metal attachments as possible are used. We are uncompromising about the materials that go into each bag: full grain Italian leather, Swiss-designed zippers from RIRI, 100% pure cotton printed with TAMOU's own unique process. We've even made some of the bags glow in the dark.

There are many ways to express good taste.

Functionality makes life easier, whether you're travelling, doing business, getting through your day, or letting loose. We are fueled by a desire to make the perfect bag for every occasion. A bag that's timeless, adaptable; a bag that truly expresses the multifaceted nature of our lives. A bag that keeps us together.

There are many versions of us.
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