"Full of beautiful little moments that take it from wonderful to brilliant... this genuinely different show is a winner."

-The Barefoot Review-

Like molasses dripping down the tail of an old, dead cat, 'A Grim Era' is a sickly sweet depiction of a rather sticky situation.

This visual theatre piece by Melbourne's fledgling puppet company Smallpox Theatre utilises an array of traditional and non-traditional puppetry techniques to tell the darkly romantic and deeply dysfunctional love story of two vagabond clowns, Isn't and Is.

Set inside a junkyard theatre, This twisted tale explores the animosity that develops between lovers once they realise they've become so interwoven, that the only measure of their own existence is by the others complete and utter aversion towards them.

The dark, twisted surrealism that engulfs the Smallpox world marries puppetry, mime, clowning and sideshow to create a mode of visual storytelling that is intimate, poetic and grotesquely playful.
More: smallpoxtheatre.com

Video by
Carnival Cinema

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