The Little Things
Location: Santa Rosa, Petaluma
Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 28-135 USM (Kit Lens)
Frame Rate: 24p
Software: Final Cut Pro, Color
Audio: internal (I know crap), aux boom mic ATR55 Telemic

I produced this for a short film class in which the requirements were to have a flashback and that it must be under 4 mins (ok I cheated a little bit). The film took 2 hours to write, 2 days to shoot, and 4 days to edit (lots of color correction!).

The story for how the film was made is a little bit odd... Original concept is not my idea (Alex Rowe's) and since the style of the film is supposed to be comical, I found that my writing for it gave it a different flavor. Stylistically I shot the film a bit more seriously, and I hope that this reflects my personal style. For now, I'll consider this project to be practice.

I had a lot of fun with the color correction in Final Cut Suite's Color program, nothing spectacular (except for the flashback scene). Editing was more to fit the time limit than anything. Hopefully it's not over the top.

During the end of the shooting on the field, the microphone port broke (I sat on the cable!) and I've since had to send the camera in. That's why some of the scenes were shot with the internal audio. I hope that when my camera gets back from Canon's repair center in Irvine that I'll be able to shoot some more shorts.

Mostly I am in love with my Canon 7D and hope to filming many many shorts... I got a couple scripts in the works, let me know if you live in Sonoma County and we can collaborate.

Give me some blatant criticism please, I want to learn.


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