I’m a Fourth generation South County Native, with historical roots and values developed right here in Our City. Elections seem to breed greed and division among our usually tight knit community. I’m here to try and bring “Common Sense” to our decision making, which I specifically think needs to reflect the ideals of our residents and local businesses. Dana Point needs a fresh perspective, with creative thinkers, which I will bring to the table normally inhabited by career-oriented minds.

My platform is simple:
Inherit and interject the Resident’s populous vision for a beneficial and Responsible Development of our beloved town center “Lantern District”.

Develop and implement a strategic plan for a zero-cost recreational skatepark for community youth.

Innovate and Expand substance abuse related awareness and programs aimed toward our high-school aged population. These kids need our help and guidance and Are Going To Be The Leaders for Dana Point tomorrow.

I’ve Always been: ‘Pro-Business’, ‘Pro-Residents’ while being ‘Pro-Active’ in doing things in a Responsible matter that makes “Common Sense” for everyone.

I humbly ask for your help to lead Capo Beach, Monarch Beach and all of Dana Point for the next four years. Thank You.

Divel4dp.com #DPCommonSense

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