What is ‘The Cloud’ and how is it affecting our lives? The Cloud is more than Air and Water (CMTAW) is a project investigating the acoustic ecology and impact of cloud computing on the lives of those who use it, the places it is physically located in and the people who work to maintain it.

This video is the second part of the installation. At this stage the work begins to investigate the movement of air in and out of the data center. It enters the system through a sophisticated HVAC system, and feeds the modular rows of individual racks within the space, cooling the mechanics and optimising performance.
Whilst recording the acoustics of a particular data center, I noticed an individual rack beeping in the distance. Solitary, calling out for someone to attend to it, take care of it, to make it functional again... but nobody came. When the air stops, the system crashes and sparks begin to fly. The rapid response gas operated fire suppression system sits idly beside the rack space, dormant but waiting for a sign to smother the space.
The source audio has been carefully created, exclusively utilising audio captured inside the small data center facility that the imagery depicts.

Visit earthkeptwarm.tumblr.com/ for further information

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