My life has never been smooth or easy, and the last couple of years have been especially rough. During this time I often wished I would have somebody to lean against, to be with, to hold me in their arms for comfort. For all those people who are suffering and are feeling alone, I created this video and wrote this text. I'm not an expert poet, but I tried to let my heart speak, as plainly (and a bit poetically) as possible. I hope it will bring at least a bit of solace to those who need it.

I can see you, struggling, suffering
Asking yourself, why me?
I wish I could tell you, everything will be alright
Knowing how shadows, is all you can see
I wish to hold you in my arms, together as one
Tell you, that you are loved, no matter what
Asking you not to close your heart, however tempting
I would give you all my love, holding you in a warm embrace
I would let you weep, knowing how painful life can be
I would share my being, my light, that burns within me, as it burns within you
It might be small, tiny even, but it never dies
I would ask you to accept my gift, to let me lighten your burden
You won't have to say anything, tired as you are
But in my arms, you suffer no more, if only for just a moment
There would be only love and understanding
For you are not alone in your suffering
For as I am suffering like you
And being in your arms is truly all I could wish for.

Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche

Google, Deviantart & Stock.XCHNG
Thanks to the unknown artists

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