A girls plan to make a video cast of herself hooping turns out to be more then she bargained for when her friends and the local authorities finest officers make an uninvited appearance.

Produced & directed by Billy Judge Baldus

Director of photography: Tate Bunker

Starring: Anna Stone, Billy Judge Baldus, Barb Ignatiev, Rachel Ignatiev, Kristi Tarentino, Garrick Malachi Karpinski, Shane Frederick Wagner, Mike Baldus

Credits: Kyle Buckley, Allison Luebke, Peter Vartanian, Sam Hogerton, Kristi Anderson, Heidi Pfeiffer, Andy Bernier, Alicia Boknevitz, Susan Kerns, Kara Mulrooney, Marilyn Besasie, Justin Schnor, Quinn Hester

The song "Chandelier" is written by Billy Judge Baldus and performed by Uncle Larry (Billy Judge Baldus, Garrick Malachi Karpinski, Shane Frederick Wagner).

©2012 Uncle Larry

*Ranked 4th Greatest Hula Hoop Music Video of All Time by Hooping.org

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