This is a compilation of promos I've written and produced over the past 6 years at a variety of networks as a producer,senior producer and editorial director.

I wrote every script and produced every spot, but for specifics on just how much I handled them from soup to nuts...please see below:

Montage: I couldn't possibly fit every one of my favorite promos into a 5 minute reel, so this is a highlight of other spots I've worked on, which illustrates the genres I've worked on: sports, scripted programs, reality, animated kids shows, wedding entertainment, movies, upfronts, intersititals, fashion and Zombie Strippers.

Entourage (Spike TV): I was the Senior Producer on this campaign. For much of the campaign, I hired outside vendors to help with the overflow of work and supplied regular feedback to their editors. THIS spot however, was conceived and written solely by me. I licensed this music track specifically for the spot, sat in every edit session and oversaw the delivery of this spot from beginning to end.

Fashion Week (Ultra HD): As the Producer, I worked with a graphic designer to develop a look for the spot. I then wrote the script, chose the music, directed VO and oversaw the daily edits.

Pollyworld (Nickelodeon): As the Producer, I wrote the script, oversaw the daily edits and even supplied voiceover for the spot.

Extreme Makeover (Style Network): As the Editorial Director, I conceptualized this promo and then co-wrote this script with my producer. I worked directly with the design team to create the look and feel of the graphics (shattered glass) and hired a composer to create a one of a kind song for this launch spot.

Hot Spot: (Style Network): This is a tease for a show that had not been shot yet. So without any video available, I took publicity stills to my smoke editor and created this stylized spot. I also had a Joan Jett sound alike composed for the spot. I worked directly with the in house graphic designer on the transitions and name graphics. The Voiceover Talent is a famous musician I tracked down and hired for his gravely, cool guy sound.

Penny Revolution: (Equator HD): As the producer, I co-conceptualized this idea with my creative director. I then scripted it and took the shots and the script to my editor, who I worked with on creating a roto-scoped look for the spot. Since I had very little money to hire voiceover, I had another producer read the script, which gave the spot the approachable and relatable feel.

Slappy Spot: (Ultra HD): As the Producer, I co-created this spot with my creative director. He had an idea of setting a series of shots of people engaged unrefined antics to classical music. I then worked with an editor to choose the exact slaps, reactions and sounds and then sound designed the spot with an audio engineer.

I'll Try Anthing, Once: (Treasure HD): As the interim Creative Director on this spot, I conceptualized the look and feel of this spot with the help of my AP. We hired a small crew to shoot the host of the show in a 'locker room' type setting, recording his inner dialogue while he amped himself up for the 'next big thing'. I was responsible for set design, scripting his lines and overseeing the shoot. I then worked with the editor to choose the exact shots and 'inner monologue' to create this.

Zombie Strippers: (Spike TV): As the resident movie trailer producer for Spike, this particular flick gave me the most trouble since there was SO little I could legally show. I conceptualized, wrote and worked directly with the editors on this spot, which brought in extremely high ratings...not so surprising. :)

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