Sonia Montez & The HSP
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Directed by:
Ryan Gielen
Chroegraphy by:
Cat Cogliandro

April Cook (Her)
Zach McNally (Him)

Cinematography by:
Brad Reeb

Set Design by:
Henriette Vittadini

Special Thanks:
Broadway Dance Center

Extra Special Thanks:
The Dancers! Please email me at ryan@believeltd.com with your name and headshot so we can properly thank you for participating!

***Song Credits***

Words by:
Sonia M. (SESAC)

Music by:
Sonia M. (SESAC), Adam M. (SESAC), Sean D. (BMI), Scott C. (BMI), and Nick O. (BMI)

Sonia Montez - vocals
Adam Minkoff - bass
Scott Chasolen - piano

Produced by:
The HSP. Co-produced by David Goldman. Additional co-production by Radian Records.

Sonia Montez (Sonia Montez Music/SESAC) & The HSP
(Randomoniumist Music/SESAC, Szechseanswan Music/BMI, Scott D. Chasolen/BMI, Nicholas M. Oddy/BMI)

David Goldman (Musegarden/SESAC)
Radian Records (Radian Records/SESAC)

Recorded at:
Quad Lakeside, Greenwood Lake, NY
Musegarden Recordings, NY, NY

Engineered by:
Andrew Felluss and David Goldman.

Mixed by:
Teddy Kumpel

Mastered by:
Bob Stander

Executive Producer:
Sonia Montez

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