People sometimes ask me how this shot was done so I thought I'd make a brief step by step.

The original shot is ran through Apple Shake using the Smoothcam node on the "lock" setting. After some additional tweaking this gives a locked-down intermediate video of the skateboarder ready to be cut out.

Here's what it looks like after the first pass

The second step is to create a background plate. One approach would be to export the individual stills of the locked-down intermediate into something like Photoshop's photomerge. Fortunately The Foundry has a plugin called "SmartPlate" that does it for you:

This plate is taken into Photoshop and the missing pieces of the scene that don't appear in the original video are cloned in (notice the symmetrical tree in the background).

The skater is then cut out of the intermediate frame by frame and duplicated with each layer being offset in time.

Finally the whole things is colored in Shake and the shadows / volumetric lighting are done with Trapcode Shine in After Effects.

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