Don loved Barbara, he loved Harleys, he loved Prison Ministry. Rain, snow, blistering heat, nothing stopped the Johnson’s from riding the Gospel Road to reach the “least of these”.

“Don Johnson was about telling someone about Jesus!” Speaker after speaker repeated this sentiment at Don’s funeral as hundreds of family, friends, and Prison Rats paid tribute to this mighty man of God. (Prison Rats - what Don called the thousands of bikers who followed him and Barbara into the prison across America).

One speaker with tears in his eyes asked, “How many here today were invited to go to prison by Don Johnson?” Ninety percent of the audience raised their hands. I can hear Don saying, “Keep on keeping on. Time is short and the fields are ripe for the Harvest”.

Don Johnson boldly lived what he believed and preached. In 2007, when doctors gave Don less than a month to live, Don said, “I win either way. If God heals me, I win! If the Lord brings me home, I win”. What an awesome testimony for us believers left behind!

The biker led procession and full military ceremony at the cemetery was a tribute and honor befitting this Special Leader that we knew Don Johnson to be. Barbara, you and your family can be very proud of Don’s life and his service for the Lord. Don Johnson was a Real man, a Real husband and father, a Real biker, and a Real Christian.

He will ride forever in our hearts.


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