Meet the characters in "Bernie," a new comedy about the world's oldest profession: accounting.

The action of the series takes place in the fading offices of AmericaBest Consulting (ABC), a firm founded in 1973 by Bartholomew "Bart" Gloyd, who has just passed on to his reward thanks to a massive coronary.


ABC’s staff accountant, Bernie is a lovable Luddite who likes to do things old school. He clings to obsolete tools and outdated processes as if cherished family traditions — the kind of guy who shuns technology in favor of No. 2 Ticonderoga pencils, and prefers sending interoffice documents instead of email. He has a soft spot for soft rock, a yen for Chinese food and couldn’t live without his manual Mr. Coffee maker.


Meet the ballsy new boss. Sandra is the curvaceous, flame-haired cougar who sets her sights — and outsized appetites — on Bernie. The trophy wife of ABC’s recently deceased founder, Sandra has a head for numbers, a body built by carbs, and a knack for telling everyone else what to do. She’s hellbent on making changes around ABC, no matter how many toes she has to squish with leopard print heels. Pronounced "Sondra" if you're nasty.


The company’s HR manager, Carol is pretty in a buttoned-up, Diane Chambers kind of way and serves as the firm’s resident cheerleader, a talent honed at her downstate Illinois high school. Carol floats from one staffer’s office to the next, offering advice and a sympathetic ear — usually while bringing another HR form to fill out. She’s Bernie’s biggest champion, pushing him to find his greater purpose. Her sunny optimism is, at times, blinding.


With his bed-head hair and perpetually loosened tie, Mitch always looks like he just rolled in from an all-night party. As ABC’s lead sales rep, he has charm to spare — a gift he uses to get Bernie into cleaning up his expense reports. Formerly a women’s shoe salesman, he knows just what to say to the ladies, but harbors a dark secret. His catchphrase, said whenever he’s trying to shirk responsibility: “I’ve got a lunch!”


The firm’s IT guy, Russell bears the facial hair and detached-slash-bored expression popular among the hipster nerd set. He permanently “offices” in the break room, where he can be near his beloved cappuccino maker. He’s always texting, and rarely looks up, yet he sees all — including Bernie’s many missteps in life, love and office politics. A cum laude in English Lit, he’s working on a roman à clef no one knows he’s writing via smartphone.

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