I was brought in to work with the Mill on this amazing title sequence for the 2014 St. Petersburg Offf Conference. It was truly a collaborative process involving constant adjustments and a continuous thought of "what can we do to make this even better." The team was one of the best I've ever worked with.

Created in Cinema 4d, composited in After Effects

Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
Director: Rama Allen
Art Director: Christopher Palazzo
Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
Producer: Tia Perkins
Director of Photography: Adam Carboni
Soundscapes: Fall On Your Sword
Music: Darkness Falls
Editing Company: The Mill
Editor: Charlotte Carr
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
VFX Producer: Jason Bartnett
Pre-Viz: Navdeep Singh
Colorist: Michael Rossiter
Coordinator: Georgina Castle
Technical Director: Andreas Berner
Lead Designer: Yossanun Sangpattharamatee
Particle Designer: Gabriel Pulecio
Designers: Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Gabriel Pulecio, Christopher Palazzo, Viraj Ajmeri
Typography Design: Christopher Palazzo
Animation & Compositing: Gabriel Pulecio, Viraj Ajmeri, Anthony Dodero, Lloyd Alvarez, Dave Rogers, Ashley Tyas, Justin Bakies, York Capistrano, Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Christopher Palazzo
Matt Cornelius, Steve Gehrhardt, Joseph Kerkovich, Raymond Martinez
Special Thanks:
Heather Fullerton
Boo Wong
Eduard Dimasov
Joseph Hodgson

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