Synopsis: Birth of BrainFly
Birth of BrainFly is a surreal narrative dealing with the process of a person’s individuation in a mental scape. A journey through and into Self, the constructed labyrinths of Ego, and the creative transcendence of the mind's physical limitations. Birth of BrainFly charts a surreal course of a psyche's evolution within the invisible landscape of the mind. The visual landscape is made up of a mélange of experiments in collage, live action, hand drawn, paint on film and multi plane.

Inspiration for Producing this Story

“The Birth Of Brainfly” is the exploration of fragmentation and the process of individuation, which I went through. A new shift in my work was created due to thought processes, which was force induced by my migration from India to New Zealand. The individuation process is a term created by the famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Individuation is a self-analysis, a self-discovery, analyzing your own psyche and life, discovering what truths lie underneath the conscious egocentric personality, and life. It is only through a painful process of objective analysis can one evolve. The birth signifies the beginning of a new evoluted being who is a free creative thinker who is an aware conscious being.

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