IDN4 Life&Death by Malga Kubiak
The Ego trip 1991
3h of 3
dedicated to my son Sun and to his childhood
this part 3, the last of entire IDN4 starts in Rio De Janeiro, interview w John Giorno, Richard Kern, Nick Cave, Miss Mess in concert. Erland Stalberg, Johan Zetterquist. Most of last part its Brazil. Sun reads poem by his grandfather Tadeusz Kubiak translated to Swedish, Icarus. Niels Pin Pedersen appears. tribal Mexican band appears, Guatemala Mayan Tikal, Mexican pyramids. Felix Nordqvist appears. Flavia Souza, Geraldo Cunha dancing with TANYA appears at Salvador de Bahia San Antonio Theater
yes, the last 2, 3 years of my marriage was bad, heavy, i was neurotic, unhappy. my husband was drunk and we drugged our son around the world.. its possible there were better days when i didnt film/ yes or not i feel as apologizing to sun f his childhood. i imagined it was more color. besides it was not only 1990, 1991, 1992 when i was neurotic, i was born like it, and i guess i remain like it.. a bore
malga 2010
IT WAS GREAT 2 TRAVEL with SUN & TJELL, malga 2013

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