'Between humor and drama, Botelho tightens unbreakable ropes: those of the fishing lines that cross the stage. Obviously the preys take the bait, like this blond female dancer hooked in the audience and who will be spending the whole show sliding like water in the hands of the one who wants to catch her. A nice metaphor for desire and possession.

As for the devourer brown-hair panther, who could drive angels crazy, she throws into panic the reason's compass (...)'

Sylvie Bonier
2006 - La Tribune de Genève, Switzerland

[NOTA BENE: In 2010, we will restage 'I want to go home' for the Opéra-Théâtre of Saint-Etienne (France) on April 16th and for the festival Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Carthage on May 3rd.
Please join us!]


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