A touching tale on modernity & its effect on the post office. Largely, the Postman.

A small village in the suburbs of pollachi, which largely consist of the agricultural population, mostly illiterate. Their only mode of communication is the “Letter” and the reader the postman Ramakrishna Murthy. The establishment of the character is his importance is beautifully shown by the various letters being read. The tale moves on to Murthy’s love interest & the disappointment he faces. Murthy understands human emotions & thus serves as a moral support to many, mainly the grand mother, of the grand son who is been away for decades. He pretends as to reading a letter received from the old lady’s grand son. As for the saying “it’s the change which never changes”. The town slowly moves on to the develop on the telephone & modern equipments, thus the written letters are reducing day by day & the once famous & awaited postman, where he was part & parcel of the family become “obsolete”. Sad & depressed, the postman Murthy decides to leave the village once for all & when he is leaving, he finds a letter from the old lady’s grand son, after so many years. Murthy rushes to deliver, only to find the old lady is not expecting the letter as she is no more.

Directed by Manohar, a sensitively directed film. Shot beautifully in the green & landscape of pollachi by the cinematographer Abinandhan.R. Edited by loaesh & sound designed by Satya raj. The postman is lived by Ishwar srikumar.
A pleasant experience to watch

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