Who: Matt Shobe, User Experience Designer at Google
Topic: On the Founding, Building, Frequent Breaking and Repairing, and Lather-Rinse-Repeating Work of Technology Startup Teams. (A Drama in Three Acts.)
When: 12:30-1:20 pm, Friday, January 15, 2010
Where: Loew Hall, room 216

Abstract: Creating great products is hard, but my work with the same co-founding team across eleven years and three startups has convinced me that while a powerful product or platform idea is the seed, relentless focus on the total user experience is a cornerstone of any success you may have and must be a cultural value. This focus includes: empathy, transparency, and personality. Let's talk about how to build these into your next startup.

Bio: Matt was a co-founder of FeedBurner and led user experience design efforts with this popular service for blog publishers, podcasters, and commercial producers of syndicated content. (He also designed the logo and was entrusted to order pad thai in bulk for all board meetings.) Prior to the feeds, Matt worked with the same three other co-founders on two startups (Spyonit and DKA), and learned the ground rules in user experience roles with Accenture and Microsoft. Matt, an alumnus of HCDE, is an avid distance runner, private pilot, and skier, though no such triathlon exists (yet).

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