Linden: Once wrote a song on a multi-platinum ZZ Top album, full info at:
Then Linden spent almost 5 years sueing ZZ Top for his money (not fun, been there done that)
This "audio tricks" tutorial was made several years ago, lately, you should record on a Zoom recorder or equiv
Linden Hudson: Professional location Film / Video sound engineer (decades of experience).
See Linden's other tutorials at:
Linden is also a well known indie music recording artist, music at:
This tutorial: shows a very simple cheapo way to record remote sound for your indie video or film project.
It's a simple audio trick that works. This video has been posted for a few years, but the principle is the same.
See another cool tutorial that illustrates the same concept at:
Consider using this technique (using newer recorders, like a Zoom) for your DSLR video projects.
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