Here is an impromptu demonstration of a homemade Montessori “Sound Bucket,” presented in the home of a little boy named Dominic, 3+ years old.

A little background:

Early on, there was concern regarding Dominic’s speech development. Dominic was taught sign language and he did not speak until he was between 2 ½ and 3 years old. Dominic’s parents had asked for Montessori ideas in the home to aid in his general development. Hence…the Sound Bucket.

Dominic is a very active and curious little boy (and charming!), with absolutely no experience in a Montessori environment. This was his very first “Montessori demonstration.” He and Trudy faced the window and had their backs turned to the parents, who were instructed to not make it obvious that they were observing. “Business as usual” – note baby sister crying in the background.

In order to establish immediate boundaries and to keep the lesson flowing, you’ll note that he was discouraged from handling the objects until the very end. This helped him stay focused on the lesson and created an eager anticipation of wanting to try this himself.

If this had been the classroom, the sandpaper letter would have accompanied this lesson and been introduced first. With Dominic, Trudy sat on what she believed was his dominant side, although it has not been officially determined yet. At this point, he switches back and forth, from left hand to right hand.

Because this was not filmed in a studio, the lighting and video quality is poor…but the lesson is priceless!

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