What began 10 years ago as party antics and costume wearing became, in the course of a decade, via relentless Bush Era disillusionment, a highly developed and unique artistic language, if not a cult of urban legend.

The Fantastic Nobodies are a cast of performance characters who have collaborated together to create remarkable fusions of art and life. This is achieved through a common understanding in the group and the subsequent improvisation in the nature and definition of THE MOMENT. Acting as reflective mirrors for each others creativity, the collective has fostered great breadth of production including: performance, infiltrations, social sculptures, situations, happenings, road-trips, cooking, photography, installations, video, music, poetry, painting, and drawing. These creative actions were consciously honed in an independent, self-made, punk-rock-inspired, and reclusive way while sometimes being documented through video and photography.

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The six founding artists are Marc Grubstein, Brock Enright, Steve Johnson, Daniel Joseph, Chad Spicer and David Henry Brown Jr.

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