Timelapse done outside McDonalds at Larnaca Seafront.

Shot on the SONY EX1 at 1080 24p frame interval recording (-3db gain).

Took bloody ages to get the time-remapping in sync with the music but looks like it has gone a slight bit out of sync during the compression process... you'll get the idea though.



P.S - That guy who stands in the doorway of McDonalds and appears to turn his head really slowly is me ;) - i went in to get a cup of tea and couldn't resist trying some "realtime" movement. turned my head around 120 degrees over around a 30 second period (just so you know)... approx timestamp is 00:41 if you didn't spot it.

P.P.S - We got a little worried as a fight broke out just in frame as we were thinking of stopping the camera.. then one of the security guys from the nightclub came over and asked us what we were recording... so we quickly packed up & left ;)

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