“The Tablet”
Books. Magazines. Televisions. We hear these words, and understand well what shape their content will take. But “tablet?” “Digital magazine?” How does the size of the objects frame the user experience? Influence their portability or accessibility? How will the experience with these devices compare with other more “fuller-figured” media? How do we need to consider grid, typography, and behavior differently? Hear from four perspectives how telling stories in new spaces influences new experiences.

About the Lecture Series
The Dot Dot Dot Lecture Series is meant for broad explorations of interaction design, business, and aesthetic inspiration. Practitioners and thought leaders give short talks in an informal setting. Wisdom will be revealed and methods will be shared in a environment intended to satisfy both social and scholarly pursuits.

About MFA in Interaction Design
The MFA in Interaction Design program trains students to research, analyze, prototype, and design concepts in their business, social, and cultural contexts. Today, business success depends on the presence of a well-designed, engaging experience, and the new MFA in Interaction Design program explores the strategic role of interaction design in shaping everyday life.


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