This was an event organized by Banditos Misteriosos. It’s basically a pillow fight that took place at Harvard Square for around an hour.

Here’s their site:

There are multiple videos that have been uploaded and some of the scenes includes people with customs, people climbing a tree, a Gauntlet, a news reporter getting the crowd to beat her when she finish talking, 2 people battling on top next to a stature, the police yelling at other people to get away from it and another lady getting tackled to the ground for no reason as well as lots of other mayhem.

The videos before this one is what was going on before it happen. This is the first video of the pillow fights. You’ll have to watch all of the videos from this one and onwards to see all of the scenes that I mentioned. Miss one video and you may miss a lot. This video in particular is a little boring compared to a few others. Part 14 is when things started to go get very out of hand.

I got hit a few times in the scene with the news reporter by the way. It's in another video.

24 videos altogether!

CLick here for the rest of the photos:

PS: A person recorded the Amsterdam one with a GH1 just like me and you'll find the video here:

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