Wanderer Session #18: Maggie and the Hat
Filmed in Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey
Spring 2010

There’s been a lot of talk, a lot of plans to expand, a lot of road trips planned to film bands across the US, but they were all just words and hopes. This is the first Wanderer Session outside of New Brunswick. A baby step for the giant ones the others are too excited about sometimes. Granted, it was only an hour drive from the hub city down to Point Pleasant, I had a mad rush of thoughts coming in thanks to my incapacitated radio.

I thought a lot about travelling. I’ve been craving for the day when I would have enough discipline to just drop everything and take my camera with me, and forever disappear into the wide expanse of the world. It’s funny that I reminded myself of this today. For once, I was the outsider. Maggie wasn’t coming into New Brunswick like all the others did. I didn’t have the backing of my acquaintances scattered across the city and ready to open their doors to my camera and I. No. For once, I was the outsider. I walked down the busy boardwalk, my ears pummeled by the sounds of wailing children and screaming parents on this first day of real spring. A lot of them looked at me funny. It seemed I was the only one that day without a companion and suspiciously lugging around camera equipment.

Relief came when I found Maggie sitting on the railing by Martell’s Pub. She was quiet and happy. I felt like I was making her nervous. Someone told me I’m different than I was before with my tiny, cell phone looking camera. Now I had these massive earphones and this big camera with the fuzzy microphone sticking out from the top. I hate this image. But she gave a cute grin and was instantly ready to play when I asked her to.

She sang low and hard. I had to get a little closer to hear her secret. But I knew what I was looking for. I heard her raw and superb songs online. I tweaked the audio to amplify her voice more and presto. There it was, the great sounds that drew me to her page. Fantastic stuff. She was down to play anywhere really and so we ended up disturbing the bustle of this arcade by the boardwalk and the dreary solitude of the beachgoers.

Maggie has so much talent and so much to sing about. I can tell. I want to be there when she starts screaming. I want to be there when she pours more of her emotions out. She reminds me a lot of Bern. So reserved and careful whenever she speaks. I hope we cross paths again. I can tell she has some interesting stories to tell over beers or boxes of wine or coffee. If her songs are already this good now, well in a couple of years, the world might just have another Jenny Owen Youngs in the works.

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