An original composition from John Hunter Phillips' 18-song 2006 CD, "IT'S ABOUT TIME," the song "JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMERTIME" was written, arranged and produced (co -producer Boo English) by John.

It was written for and about a little friend of John's daughter whose name was "Summer."

She lived in southern California, but visited South Carolina every summer, and we were always glad when it was "Summer" time ,or even close to it. In fact, we 'just couldn't wait for Summertime ! '

So this little 'Beach Boy type' rocker was meant to help express the jubilant anticipation we all shared when that time of year rolled around....and we hope it's catchy !

So, SMiLE and dance a little too...and remember to keep Summer alive all year round !!

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This accompanying little music video was lovingly created by John's sweet sister, Carol, who obviously has a soft spot in her heart for Summertime as well. Don't we all ?

Hoping you, your family and your friends enjoy !!!

Like I said, "Dance a little." ;-)

John Hunter Phillips

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