When different cultures come together, beauty is inevitable- Erin Gruwell

Stuart & I had the immense pleasure and honor to meet two incredible human beings. First we traveled to Ljubljana, Slovenia to meet and interview Zlata Filipovich, writer of #1 Bestseller Zlata´s Diary and Stolen Voices.

Zlata shares her experiences in war torn Sarajevo, growing up in a multi-cultural city and receiving 150 letters from the Freedom Writers inviting her to California.

We then traveled to Santa Monica, California to meet and interview Erin Gruwell, The author of The Freedom Writers Diary which was made into a film starring Hilary Swank, Teaching Hope and several other books. Erin speaks so clearly, intelligently and passionately about the rewards and challenges that teachers face. How we must remember the past so that we do not repeat atrocities, how idealists can change the world, how every child matters, how she was a teacher and how she learned from her students, how we can coexist with other cultures in a constructive and rewarding way.

According to Erin Gruwell, "It was Zlata´s book that inspired her students the most because they identified with this young girl who was the same age as them".

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