Mark Chataway's 3D Visual FX Demo Reel for April 2010.
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Quick film work breakdown (please email me for resume and detailed breakdown including TV work):
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen - Lighting & FX TD: I lit and rendered all the CG robots in the shots and created various dust hits, smoke trails etc using particle and volumetric systems.
Into the Storm - Lookdev/Lighting TD: I lookdevved and lit all the CG spitfire planes in this sequence. I also created the rendering and post motionblur pipeline.
The Golden Compass - Creature TD: I was responsible for secondary animation of armour plates and simulation/problem solving of the fur on all the CG bears in these shots.
No Reservations - VFX Artist: On this movie I created several visual effect shots including adding CG fire to a burning towel using a fluid solver in Maya.

About me:
I have over 8 years of experience using Maya, Nuke, Shake and Photoshop in CGI ranging from feature films, to national and international television commercial campaigns, through to long-form television series’. While essentially an all-rounder, I excel in the complex technical areas of CGI, specializing in lighting, compositing, Python scripting and C/C++ programming, and have honed my skills in the tight deadlines of TV commercial production. I have worked on several feature films, including The Last Airbender, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Golden Compass, Into The Storm, No Reservations, House of Wax, and Wolf Creek.
In July 2005 I co-founded Rocket Squad VFX in Adelaide, Australia with my business partner Andrew Kunzel (formerly of Weta Digital) and two post production companies. We ran the successful VFX company for nearly two years, during which time I had the roles of Company Director and VFX Supervisor, employing a combination of core full-time staff and project-related teams of freelancers. In late 2006 we sold the company to the Kojo Group (, one of Australia’s most highly regarded media production companies, which merged Rocket Squad’s assets and staff into their corporation. At this time I left to pursue personal travelling interests overseas, which included a six month contract at Framestore in London, working on The Golden Compass and Into the Storm feature films. I recently finished two contracts at Industrial Light & Magic (a div. of Lucasfilm) as a Lighting & Effects Technical Director, working on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Last Airbender, in San Francisco.

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