This is the journey of two pirates hacking BitTorrent. This talk will cover ways of abusing the BitTorrent protocol, finding vulnerabilities in BitTorrent clients and exploiting them. We will also cover counter measures to these attacks.

Michael Brooks is a hacker, Michael finds new vulnerabilities and writes exploit code:

Michael hacks for the challenge. Michael loves that intimate battle between hacker and developer played on the field of logic. Michael likes mastering a new method of exploitation and finding his own. Michael believes that All software is vulnerable, you just have to look hard enough.

David Aslanian does QA and development for Software Development Alternatives, a small avionics software company. Some people dream of being test pilots, but he tests airplanes without ever getting in the cockpit! When he is not at work certifying software for flight, he loves to run Ubuntu and tinker with electronics. He also pursues interests in software testing methodology, p2p networks, sci-fi books and electronic music. He is a proud pirate who got a DMCA compliant earlier this year - but that doesn't stop him from continuing to use BitTorrent to get his fix (someone must have hacked my wifi and downloaded Fallout 3, I swear!)

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