Kean Wong:
At the NATO parliamentary assembly in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for regular NATO-Russia dialogue, saying it is "of utmost importance." She also called Iran's nuclear program the "biggest concern."

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel calls on NATO to intensify dialogue with Russia.

[Angela Merkel, German Chancellor]:
"After years, we just had a NATO-Russia summit, and if people don't talk to each other, no one should be surprised if certain prejudices occur and so I plead for much more frequent NATO-Russia summits. This does not mean that Russia is indirectly taking part in the decision-making but it does mean that mutual interests, fears and requests are known."

Merkel also referred to the plans of the United States to build missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic.

[Angela Merkel, German Chancellor]:
"In my view, a regular dialogue between NATO and Russia in light of the so called missile shield activities is of utmost importance in order for trust to grow."

[Angela Merkel, German Chancellor]:
"The Iranian nuclear program is causing us the biggest concern and that's why we need to develop a protection option together. Let me make very clear that on this point too, we should look for a discussion with Russia."

Russia opposes the American plans in Eastern Europe.

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