Kean Wong:
South Korea used to be the third-largest U.S. beef export market before
the mad cow outbreak in 2003. Imports are about to resume again but
many South Koreans are not happy with the move. Here more from Seoul.

South Koreans are demanding their government renegotiate its beef deal with Washington. Thousands of protesters occupied the streets of downtown Seoul.
Protesters have staged rallies every night since the candlelight vigils
against U.S. beef imports started on May 2. But some of the rallies
have turned violent. Police detained about 30 protesters as the vigils turned into illegal rallies.
[Lee Kang-Koo, Protestor]:
"The negotiation with the U.S. is completely invalid. We should
renegotiate it. And our government should talk with the Korean people frankly
about the matter."
South Korea's special investigating team says that no safety problems were found during their inspection of U.S. meat-packing plants. The government is expected to announce new import rules later this week.

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