Confessions of a Photography Addict

I was a kid when it started - a mere innocent. My folks got me a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye - my 1st camera. "Here kid", they said. "Enjoy it". What they should have said was, "Here kid. first one's free."

It was nothing at first, a 12 exposure roll here - couple of flash bulbs there. Before I knew it, I fell in with a fast crowd - hanging out in dark rooms!. Experimenting with CHEMICALS!!

It was then I started to break the rules. I began ignoring "NO TRESPASSING" signs. Sometimes, just for the thrill, I'd tilt the camera so the horizon WASN'T HORIZONTAL!!! Finally, I had to get a paper route & sell seeds door to door to feed my habit.

I did try to seek help. I joined a therapy group for photo addicts based on the "12 Stop" program. It didn't click. Everywhere I looked, people were selling film, never once asking for an ID.

Soon I was out on the streets again, always angling for that next shot. Oh, I'd do anything to get high - climb trees, poles, fences, stairs - I had no pride. It got so I didn't care what people thought as I lay in the street with my wide angle lens stuck out there for all to see.

I hit bottom in Amsterdam. In a Koda-crazed state, I strapped on every piece of gear I'd brought - 2 cameras, 4 lenses, 4 kinds of film, light meters, filters, batteries and a tripod - and walked into town to shoot. Powerful images everywhere - wonderful architecture - smiling faces - magical light - scrumptious french fries. I couldn't crank a frame.

To learn more about photographer Alan Babbitt; see more of his work and to purchase, please visit his gallery on

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