Wanderer Session #20: Lorah L S Campbell
Filmed in New Brunswick, New Jersey
Spring 2010

It's always a memorable experience when you're filming with friends. A lot of times, it's even a better experience than collaborating with some popular band you hardly know. This is one of those times.

The last session with Lorah, Pilar, and David didn't turn out so well after we got attacked by winter weather. I'm sure she was at least slightly worried about how this new one would turn out. But as soon as I figured out that she was flying solo this time under a very warm sun, I knew that things would be different.

She led me to some surreal woodlands dubbed, "Field of Heroes." The trees were tall and lined up so perfectly, you would think they were the pillars of some unnatural structure. One thing that was certainly unnatural was the teepee someone had built using large branches that were blown away by the storm a couple of weeks back.

She played a couple of songs here. Two very graceful, soothing numbers that really complemented the peaceful, still forest. Lorah has the kind of voice that would remind you of a cherished memory. Maybe the touch of an old friend? An instance in your childhood? Something. Something very loving. She makes Shara Warden seem so morose and Au Revoir Simone so excessive. Lorah strikes a really great balance in her music.

She's all cheers and laughs after every song too. This is my favorite thing about Lorah Campbell. She has such a cheerful spirit that really brightens up the room. Big smile, big laugh, lots of happy for everyone.

When we got back to the parking lot, we exchanged hugs and parted ways very comfortably. Because we both knew we were going to run into each other again pretty soon and today, with its magical music, was just another day between friends.

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