To get snowsports enthusiasts excited about the upcoming season while communicating the core philosophy of the REI Co-op and brand, which can be summed up in the statement, “Loving the outdoors, sharing the love.”

There are 10 vendor partners who participate in the program. They all need to be equally represented in the program, which lasts 6 months. This program replaces the traveling Warren Miller film festival, which showcases AMAZING extreme snowboard and ski films, beautifully shot and edited, in exotic locales around the world.

We would commission 10 up-and-coming bands to produce original music tracks, inspired by snowsports, and pair each of them with a participating vendor. Along with free music downloads, we would also produce original album art and music videos for each band/brand and custom downloadable wallpapers. Talk about sharing the love!

We wanted to create an environment that combined a breathtaking, snow-filled vista with a multifaceted, 3-dimensional ‘album’ that flipped, moved, and unfolded in space. It would be cool and easy to interact with, keeping visitors engaged throughout their experience of the site, while mixing the brand with the music and experience of a snow swept landscape.

• Rich flash microsite experience
• 10 original music tracks, 9 custom music videos, 19 custom wallpapers
• Facebook, Pandora Music, MySpace and YouTube pages with music and videos

• Total campaign impressions (print & online): 81,000,000
• Total unique visitors during the campaign: 211,000
• Total songs downloaded: 471,553
• Average user spent 5.4 minutes on the site.
• Over 100 independent bloggers posted about it on their blogs
• The media spend for online banners to support the campaign was minimal.

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