Hello, I am sticky sweater. Today, we are going to talk about methods in which we can win the media war against Scientology.

In the past 5 months, we have done well in bringing the Scientology debate to a mainstream audience. You may be pessimistic about how much success we've actually had, but rest assured. We are informing hundreds of thousands with every protest.

Before we get to strategy, let me point out how a newsroom works. Reporters who work for newspapers are given some autonomy when choosing which stories they wish to cover. However, when dealing with radio or television, where there are many stations competing for ratings, reporters are heavily controlled by editors who assign stories based on what will get viewers. This should not surprise you.

Now, the best way to get a newspaper to cover your story, is to appeal to a specific reporter. Stroke their ego by sending an email to them directly requesting their involvement and you will have an ally. I have used this method and it works.

Getting the TV stations to pay attention is, as you may have noticed, somewhat more difficult. You may have sent them media packets telling them about Scientology's human rights abuses. This is good, but not enough. An editor will only send out a news truck if there are pictures, for interesting pictures rule the day on local television. Prove to the editor that you will provide them with interesting images for their evening broadcast and you will be guaranteed an evening news spot.

TV stations and news papers receive dozens of press packages every day requesting coverage for mundane events. You must sell it. Some of you may have included pictures in your press packages, but I know many of you have not. This is important.

I know a man who wanted the news media to cover his protest of a nearby nuclear plant. They said they would not because there were no images worth shooting. He promised them a visual spectacle and he delivered on his promise by stepping on his Republican Party pin in front of community leaders during a meeting. That night, his protest recieved 3 full minutes of coverage.

We do not need to invent a spectacle. The visual images already exist. We just need to show them it is happening.

All of the images in this video are borrowed. Please consider vising my youtube account at youtube.com/stickysweater. Thank you.

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