"Glorious, incestuous pit of media" discussions for this week ending the 14/03/10: The Hexacopter and the future of cheap Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) controlled via mobile phones, technology as a cognitive extension of ourselves, current and future trends of piracy and DRM, and the merging of man and machine, bypassing verbal communication toward telepathic neural brain connections.

Please visit the website to see the full show notes and links: hive45.com/shows/episode-7-hexacopter-piracy-cybernetics/

Stories covered this week:

New Digg Redesign, CNN: New Digg Will Be More Personal & 'Wicked Fast', Hexacopter Video, Build Your Own Hexacopter, Cool Looking Stealth Helicopter Blades, Your Computer Really Is a Part of You, Sometimes I Can't Tell Where I End And The Machine Begins Comic, World's First Practical Jetpack for $75,000, Good Game Interviews Gabe Newell, and Part 2, Steam by Valve, Wii Homebrew Mod, OnLive Cloud Gaming, SingularityHub: Kevin Warwick Prophet of the Man-Machine Future, Jon Stewart on ABC iView, AskReddit: Since Moving I've Never Once Turned on the TV, Netflix Streaming Movies, More Than Half of Australians Use BitTorrent (2006), Hulu: Streaming TV, Australian TV Networks Turned Hulu Down (2009), Freeview Australia: More Free, More Crap, Missions to Mars Infographic

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