Frans Lanting is based in Santa Cruz, California, and shoots worldwide for the likes of National Geographic Magazine.

Shot on Panasonic P2 and GH1 by Mountain High Media, in N.S.W. Australia, 2010.

"At the edge of a créche, an emperor penguin is listening for the sound of her offspring, which she recognizes by voice rather than by sight.

Method: No two logistical problems are alike. I wish that were the case, because then by now I would have figured out all the solutions and it would be a routine. But each expedition, each trip, each assignment needs to be customized to the point that I get into the right place at the right time.

Assignment: I found my way to this exclusive gathering after a charter flight in a Hercules cargo plane from South America to the interior of Antarctica, where a twin-engine plane took me and a small party a thousand miles across the continent to a colony along the frozen edge of the Weddell Sea. We landed and pitched camp on the sea ice to spend a month among several thousand emperor penguins arrayed against a surreal backdrop of towering icebergs." - Frans

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