O Rei galego de Africa is a documentary based in the photographic work Galegos na Diáspora 1989-2009 (Delmi Alvarez, Vigo 1958) filmed in Namibia between december 2007 and january 2008.

Jose Luis Bastos is a galician from Bouzas (Vigo, Galicia), that lives in Walbis Bay from more 40 years ago. The dead of his brother in a plane crash changed his life in a few minutes. He went to South Africa to take care of his business.
Mainly working in the fishing industry, Bastos is a galician integrated in the namibian society helping to their development as nation. This movie was broadcasted by TVG (Televisión de Galicia) in September 2008 and showed in to more events in Galicia country. This is the second one documentary of Delmi Alvarez and the first as DoP.

Two documentary more was recorded, one in Venezuela with Arturo Lezcano in last months of may and june of 2009, and another one in Russia broadcasted both by TVG.
O rei galego de Africa team: Signe Raikstina (still photography), Arturo Lezcano, as B camera Panasonic X100, and Delmi Alvarez, A camera and script.
The original language is in galician, no subtitles in english. In the movie participate people that helped to the team. Toy was the ultralight pilot.
The movie was edited in Avid and Final Cut Pro and many of the scenes recorded are not included. Maybe in the future producers could made a more long edition. Editor online was Raimonds Spakovskis (Wild Films, Riga)

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