"For too long, migrant workers have been an ‘invisible majority’ in the Middle East. They are rarely discussed in the media and receive little protection from the governments of host countries, many of whom have no clear policies for safeguarding their welfare. Please join our struggle for migrant rights in the region: migrant-rights.org";

Video made by: Eric Epstein najork.net/
Written Researched & Voiced by: Esra'a Al Shafei migrant-rights.org
Original Music: skeletonsuit.com/
Hand-drawn Animation: Jaron Eugene Newton jaron-eugene.blogspot.com/
CG Elements: Zach Shukan shukanimator.com/

Thanks to those who helped me get this done, as well as whoever took the photos upon which many of these illustrations are based.

Also on youtube:

More human rights virals from related sites... youtube.com/user/MEYmedia

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