An attempt at SOESD TV's forty eight hour film festival. We were given two lines of dialogue, a genre, four props, and two characters that we had to incorporate, as well as a 48 hour period to film, and a 48 day period to edit. I know... totally not a true 48 Hour film fest... IT was filmed on a Nikon D5000 using a 50mm f1.4&16-85mm lenses.

Genre: Suspense

Line of Dialogue: "I called Carl Smith today. He said he had never heard of me before."

Line of Dialogue #2: "I'm going to show you this just once. And it better be done when I get back from Portland."

Props: an apple pie, a bow tie, a bicycle with training wheels, a guitar

Character: A 30-year-old woman with a French accent wearing a business suit.

Character #2: A 20-year-old man named Walter Colter with a severe limp.

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