Commissioned by Turner Argentina, we faced the challenge of re-branding HTV's most popular program, the Top 21 Music Ranking. The concept was based on sweets and candies which represents the particularity and delicious taste for each special video. We generated these surreal environments where the main characters are delicacies in a 60's retro scenes.
This juicy 3D project was entirely made in-house... One of our faves!

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Produced for Turner Corp. - Injaus Dept. / Client: Htv

Idea & Concept: HippieHouse
Art direction: HippieHouse

3d artist & Designer: Ignacio Sandoval
3d development (modeling-lighting-texturing-camera-rendering): Ignacio Sandoval
Senior 2d & 3d animator: Ignacio Sandoval
2d textures & Animation assistant: Chris O'Farrell
Post & Effects: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O'Farrell

Sound design: Hernan Espejo

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