This is a short two-minute showreel of some of my recent artworks.

Explanatory notes for showreel:

1. I um you I ah you I er you (2009) originally exhibited at Sydney College of the Arts Gallery

- Three-channel and video installation that translates love letters to colours and musical tone. The videos are housed in pine to recreate classic television design. The televisions sing the loveletters to each other. (Undetermined duration)

2. How are you Hotel Waterloo (2008) originally exhibited at Don’t Look Experimental Media Gallery in Sydney

- Musical score, ink and watercolour on paper, accompanying 2-channel sound that translates a WWII love letter using colour and tone alphabet. (37 mins)

3. Grounded (2009) originally exhibited at Inflight Gallery in Hobart

- Three 100cmx100cm C-type prints on metallic paper face-mounted on perspex. Performance documentation in the form of photographs of soil samples taken from locations where people made love.

4. Attempt to fill an empty space [Performance Anxiety] (2008) originally exhibited at First Draft Gallery in Sydney

- Six-channel video and sound installation. Sound is generated organically from where the hand is positioned in the video. (Undetermined duration)

5. Comings and Goings (2009) originally exhibited at Don’t Look Experimental Media Gallery in Sydney

- Oil on canvas and vinyl on perspex, 100cm x 100cm
- 4-channel video and sound installation (Undetermined duration)
- Interactive narrative website featuring photographs and text that re-appropriates Samuel Beckett’s ‘Comings and Goings’

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